Feature Photography

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Feature Photography


As exciting and rewarding as shooting the unknowns in automotive photography can be (motorsports, events and the like), there’s something uniquely fulfilling about feature photography.


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Scouting the perfect location or making the most of what’s available, developing a plan to fulfill a creative concept, setting the scene, lighting the subject, leaving as little as possible to chance, and polishing it all in post. When everything comes together, it reaffirms the notion that nothing is impossible, and achieving a desired result is simply a matter of following the steps, doing the work.


Feature automotive photography will continue to be a big part of what I produce in the coming year, so look for new work to be displayed here just as soon as I’m able to show it. Until then, click through this gallery of some of my favorite recent shoots (along with some oldies-but-goodies) and click here to see what else I’ve been working on.