2020 Motorsports Year in Review
2020 was tough. But we were tougher.     At the start of this year, I put together a promotional brochure (click here to see it) and mailed it to select race teams and agencies as a way to drum up new business. Inside was some of my recent motorsports photography, as well as a little insight into the value of quality photography and media exposure in promoting a brand and maintaining its image.  
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Print Tear Sheets
What a ride!   The years from 2005 to about 2011 were some of the busiest I can imagine.   From getting started with freelance photography and writing back East as a fun way to put my photojournalism education to use, to packing up and heading out West, and subsequently working my tush off for four years as an editor at Motor Trend Network (on Import Tuner magazine and others), sometimes I feel like I’m still catching up on missed sleep.   But it wasn’t for nothing! Those were some of the most formative years of my life, and in case I need a reminder of how much was accomplished — or of my humble beginnings — I have these: my Tear Sheets.   I’ve gotten a little laissez faire in keeping up with them lately, but I’m hoping to have the recent blanks filled in soon enough. Until then, have a look through some of my golden years and go easy on me! Not all of it has been worth writing home about. But it’s all been worth it.      
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A Typical year in Review
What a year …       In terms of workload, this year came in like a lion and went out just the same.
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